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Manufacture & Supplier Of Plastic Processing Machinery Spares.


Shreeji Corporation is a 2004 established Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Screw Barrel, Head, Ring Plunger Set, Nozzle Body, Nozzle Tip, Tie Bar, Single Screw Barrels and many more components. Besides manufacturing the standard components, the Ahmedabad,Gujarat (India) based firm also has the capability to bring the components according to the designs provided the clients. We are supported by a modern production plant armored with advanced machinery and equipments. We have in-house facilities for all the relevant process like designing, manufacturing, quality control, distribution, etc. A large warehouse enables us to store large quantities of the products, in order to cater the bulk orders within short spans of time.

The components are renowned for its durability as well as smooth & easy operation. Being a client oriented company, we make sure all the manufactured products are of superior quality and are according to the needs and specifications of the clients. Our company's philosophy is to accomplish high growth through a pool of satisfied clients and expanding client base by creating quality awareness in the market.


As a cut from the entire company, Shreeji Corporation Pvt Ltd is considered as the renowned feed screw manufacture in India. We have the expertise and capacity for supplying the most complicated and largest screws required in the industry. Innovation and hard work has managed to earn us the access to the global sector for providing the high level of quality. We are constantly under the process to upgrade our equipment and manufacturing facilities for keeping abreast of the latest technology. Our technological staff is very highly competent while taking price in their personal contribution to the company success. There are computerized numerically controlled and numerically controlled machines mingling in the individual craftsmanship for shaping the final product.


We have around 17 people working for in in different teams, from sales, manufacturing to professional design. Our engineers are qualified and highly experienced in manufacturing and assembling all kinds of plastic machinery in form of the single screw extruders for blown film sheet extrusion.