Nitrided Barrel

Nitriding is a heat-treating process that diffuses nitrogen into the surface of a metal to create a case-hardened surface. A Nitrided Barrel has a plethora of manufacturing capabilities. The applications of Nitrided Barrel are injection molding, extrusion molding, and blow molding. By using high-quality grade nitriding steel, with 72 hours of nitriding process, the nitrided layer will help the barrel to get better performance by being corrosion and abrasion-resistant. Nitrided barrels have a very good wear resistance until the surface the hardness is worn away.  The material that is used in a Nitrided Barrel is EN41B and the surface hardness achieved through that is 65-68 HRC. There are multiple sizes available at Shreeji Corporation for the Nitrided Barrel. The sizes available vary from 14mm to 200mm in diameter and the length can go up to 6 meters.

  • Product name – Nitrided Barrel
  • Material – EN41B
  • Available size – Dia 14 – 200 mm, length upto 6m long
  • Surface hardness – 62-65 HRC
  • Process method – Gas Nitriding
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Production Process

  • Order & drawing confirm

  • Down Payment

  • Production

  • Hardening & Tempering

  • Inspection

  • Documents for clear customs

  • Packing & delivery

  • Balance

  • Inspection

  • Nitriding