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Nozzles are required in the plastic injection molding manufacturing process. The plasticizing barrel (with reciprocating screw) and the mold are connected by machine shut-off nozzles. Unlike hot runner nozzles, which are installed on the mold side of the plastic injection molding process, they are installed on the machine side. Machine shut-off nozzles vary from open nozzles in that they include a melt channel that can be closed. We at Shreeji Corporation provide effective and highest quality Nozzles for multiple industries, making us the leading Nozzle Manufacturer and Nozzle Exporter in the country.

  • Product name – Nozzle
  • Material – EN41B
  • Surface hardness – 65-68 HRC
  • Process method – Gas Nitriding


Types of Nozzle in Machine Molding

General-purpose, reverse taper, and free flow nozzle tips are the three types of nozzle tips used in the injection molding process. The manner of mold filling is determined by the size and shape of the nozzle tip. If the orifice is tiny, the needed injection pressure for the material injection will be significant. As a result, the pressure applied by the machine to fill and pack the mold may be reduced. Nozzle body and tip: A nozzle is made up of two parts: the nozzle body and the nozzle thread. The nozzle’s thread is secured to the barrel. The hexagonal point above the nozzle’s thread is hexagonal. The barrel’s head has been tightened up to this stage. The nozzle connects the radius of the nozzle’s sprue bruce to the radius of the barrel adapter’s adapter. A convex radius on the nozzle’s end is possible. A convex surface, for example, can be found on the nozzle’s tip.


The nozzle’s radius is less than the sprue bruce’s radius. If the nozzle’s surface is concave and the sprue bruce’s surface is convex, leakage may occur. The nozzle is also equipped with heating bands. The substance is transferred to the mold through the nozzle. As a result of the heating bands, the plastic substance melts. The nozzle aids in the feeding of material into the mold chamber. The nozzle has a cylindrical form.


Functions of Nozzle

  • Establish back-pressure, drive out air, prevent melt material flow out, and increase plasticizing ability and measurement accuracy when the injection machine is charging.
  • During injection, keep a good connection to the main sprue of the mold and form a close passage to prevent the melt material from flowing out under high pressure.
  • When the machine injects, it assists in establishing melt pressure, increasing shear stress, increasing shearing speed and temperature rise, and improving mixing effect and homogenization.
  • Temperature regulation, heat preservation, and material breakage are also aided by nozzles.
  • To stabilize the flow, decrease the viscoelastic impact and eddy current loss of the melt material at the intake and output.
  • It helps feed the material into the molded product while the injection machine is executing pressure-holding. It helps to boost return resistance and decrease or prevent melt material from flowing back into the mold cavity when it cools.


Shreeji Corporation for Industry Nozzles

Shreeji Corporation offers plastic injection molding; metal alloys bar machining and smaller plastic quantity casting, and more sophisticated or customized nozzles investment casting. Our welding capabilities enable us to combine several alloys for the best outcomes. Heat treatment, plating, ceramic fabrication, and laser branding are all services we provide. Shreeji Corporation spray application engineers are accessible for consultation, and our facilities provide the production flexibility to satisfy your quality product needs.


We remain committed to supplying high-quality nozzles with industry-leading spray performance, long service life, and dependability. From compressed air nozzles that give high blowing force, low air consumption, and low noise levels to the newest in decaling nozzle technology that provides improved performance and energy savings potential for the steel sector, there’s something for everyone.


Shreeji Corporation is the leading nozzle manufacturer in India, have a close affiliation to almost every industry, supporting the primary metals Automotive and affiliated industries, Food production, Beverage, Pulp & Paper Chemical & Petrol-Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Electronic industry, Environmental & Pollution, Mining & Cement production and others making us the leading nozzle exporter in the country.

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