Parallel Twin Screw & Barrel

The Parallel Twin Screw and Barrel that is manufactured by Shreeji Corporation uses nitro alloy material coupled with a special heat-treatment process. Our parallel twin screw and barrel are ideal for heat and shear-sensitive materials. We use EN41B and tungsten coating for our parallel twin screws and barrels. The applications for the parallel-twin screw and barrel are plastic processing and are also used in twin extruder machines. Pipe plants, plastic extrusion plants, and PVC-making machines also use parallel twin screw and barrel systems. Twin-screw and barrel have the ability to handle temperature changes and require low maintenance. Due to its anti-corrosive nature, twin screw and barrel and long-lasting in nature. The material used in the manufacturing of Parallel Twin Screw & Barrel is EN41B along with Tungsten Coating. It helps us achieve hardness between 65-68 HRC. Shreeji Corporation manufactures twin screws and barrels that are nitrided-core treated, has a bi-metal overlay with plasma transferred arc welding and 1.7mm thickness. A parallel twin screw and barrel system is the best choice for PVC pipes, profiles, plate, and extrusion foaming products.

  • Product name – Parallel Twin Screw & Barrel
  • Material – EN41B + Tungsten Coated
  • Surface hardness – 65-68 HRC
  • Process method – Gas Nitriding + Tungsten Coated
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Production Process

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