Special Screw Manufacturer

The Special Screw is a manually operated screw that is often available in a Screw-Barrel configuration. It comes in a varied range of sizes and combinations and is silver in color. Since the production process is precise dimension-wise, our experts keep a close eye on it. Machines that profit from our Special Screw Barrel include blow molding machines, cable wire machines, food processing machines, and fruit mixing machines, to name a few. The length and diameter of the same can be customized to suit the needs of our customers. High-tech equipment is used to polish and finish it, resulting in improved abrasion resistance and performance. The material used in our Special Screw is EN41B and EN19 to achieve the surface hardness between 62 to 65 HRC. The process method that we use is nitriding along with special coating. The available diameter sizes of Special Screws  range from 14mm to 150mm and the length goes up to 4.5 meters.

  • Product name – Special Screws
  • Material – EN41B & EN19
  • Available size – Dia 14 – 150 mm, length upto 4.5m long
  • Surface hardness – 62-65 HRC
  • Process method – Nitriding + Special Coating

Production Process

  • Order & drawing confirm

  • Down Payment

  • Production

  • Hardening & Tempering

  • Inspection

  • Documents for clear customs

  • Packing & delivery

  • Balance

  • Inspection

  • Nitriding