Tie Bar Manufacturer

Shreeji Corporation offers the finest Coil Rods / Tie Rods / Hollow Bars / SDA Rods with effective and timely delivery. As the leading tie bar manufacturers exporters in India Coil/tie Rods are also known as construction formwork coil rod, high carbon steel rod, thread coil rod, Tie Bars, and are mostly used for self drilling anchor bolts manufacturers. Self-Drilling Anchor Systems are a type of anchor system that drills itself.

A tie rod or tie bar is a narrow structural element used as a tie that can only handle tensile stresses in most situations. Any rod or bar-shaped structural element used to keep two pieces of a vehicle from separating.

We are well-known Tie bar Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers in India. Our esteemed clients can get Tie Rod in a variety of sizes and requirements. Tie rods are made under the supervision of a highly skilled crew. Tie Rod is available at extremely low costs from us. Our tie rods are low in weight, simple in design, very robust, and simple to install. The tie-bar technology developed by Shreeji Corporation is constantly adjusting to the changing demands of processors. In order to continue developing all-electric tie-bar-free technologies, we are pursuing a strong application strategy.

  • EN19/4140 alloy steel with quench hardened
  • Chrome-plating on the surface
  • Good straightness
  • Modify the old straightness, never band
  • Low noise while production
  • Diameter : 30-400 mm
  • Length : <10,000mm


Features of Tie Bar

  • Flexibility and cost-efficiency: The production of machines with fewer tie bars is high. As a result, such devices are flexible and cost-effective. Certain applications, such as robotics, need fewer tie bars in injection moulding.
  • Automation freedom: in the case of automated machines, there are machines that require automation. As a result, machines with or without tie bars are available. The automated system must be retained inside the machine in tie-bar fewer machines. As a result, time is saved. In general, these sorts of equipment are expensive to start with.
  • Eco-drive: Eco-drive reduces both the energy consumption of the drive system and the cycle time. It implies that your power expenses will be lower. In addition, approximately 70% of energy use is saved.
  • Mold modifications in a hurry: A tie bar-free machine can make quick modifications inside the mould.
  • Force divider: In tie bar-less machines, the clamping force is distributed evenly throughout the whole mould surface.



Application Areas

  • Textile
  • Food processing
  • Railways
  • Automobile
  • Electrical & electronics
  • Defense
  • Appliance manufacturing industries



Shreeji Corporation for Tie Bar

Shreeji Corporation, a leading Tie bar and nut manufacturer in India, manufactures Tie Rod from high-quality mild steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel raw materials in a variety of sizes and specifications. Because of their high corrosion resistance, resilience, and lifespan, our Tie Rods are in high demand. These rods are often used in a variety of industrial sectors, including mechanical, engineering, automobiles, heavy machinery, mining, and so on. Additionally, our whole goods are subjected to a number of quality control techniques to assure their quality. Our unique characteristic is that we supply customized Tie Rod to meet the needs of our customers. As a result, we have earned a reputation among our customers as one of the most reputable Exporters, Suppliers, and Wholesale Tie bar and nut manufacturers in India.

Production Process

  • Order & drawing confirm

  • Down Payment

  • Production

  • Hardening & Tempering

  • Inspection

  • Documents for clear customs

  • Packing & delivery

  • Balance

  • Inspection

  • Nitriding